Julien Amar - Self Titled

by Julien Amar

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released June 21, 2019

Julien - Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals, Drums
Benjamin Paul De Caiman - Production


all rights reserved



Julien Amar Vancouver, British Columbia

Julien Amar is a Vancouver based artist. With diverse, catchy melodies, hard hitting breakdowns and a theatrical live act, it’s difficult to lump his music into a single category. His sound has been described as “if Tom Waits fronted an Indie Band” and takes influences from everything from Vulfpeck, The Strokes, Queen and everything in between. ... more

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Track Name: Feelin' Steady
I've been peeling sour grapes,
I've been trying to make some wine,
Now I'm sick of power plays
And I'm gonna feel fine
A question for anyone
Cuz' its kinda ill-defined
Do you respect my place? Do I respect time?
And if we are all animals is primate lust not good enough,
are we sick and tired of monkeying around?
I wanna get serious, I wanna get silly
Get this god damn plane up off the ground I'm saying

Are you feelin' steady steady?
are we half dead already?
no no no baby no no no
Know that I'm not always ready,
Listen first and don't forget me no,
don't forget me no,
don't forget me

And this influence detracts away from cold hard facts
as I dive off the deep end into the black
Stomach filled with fire and a head in storm clouds
I was once a daydream, now a face in the crowd
Only filled with one choice and a stifled voice
It kept me panicked when I tried to be your golden boy
A side effect of too much magic on earth -
It leaves a trail blazed with chaos and now everything hurts
I'm sayin,

Track Name: One Touch
Maybe it's nothing or maybe you're trying
too hard to get that attention
I've been awaiting a day you'll stop hating but
I've run out of these hourglasses
Lifted one curse, what was under was worse,
Now I can't even think to mention,
My memory's fading and feelings abating,
But I'm stuck in mental molasses

One touch
And I think it's gonna be another long ride home
One touch
And I think it's gonna be another long ride, another long lonely ride home,
One touch
And I think it's gonna be another long ride home, another long lonely ride home

Baby you're blessed with becoming obsessed
Even if I can't keep it moving,
It hurts my pride the way I can't confide -
Really for just one second,
If I wouldn't fear it, to become a spirit
Despite the weight of it all yeah,
Left with one choice and an unforgotten voice,
I think I know the meaning in the words
Track Name: Version of Me
I wish I could be a version of me
Who could always see mistakes before they happen
Lingering chaos and idle glee,
Soon we'll be free to just make it happen

What we have is so unclear,
I know and fear all the worst my dear

A version of me

Yeah I wish I could be, well-a version of me
Who could always let these idle trifles pass me by
and lingering chaos set me free
Soon I'll be someone who can just make it happen

What we had was so unclear
I know and fear all the worst my dear

A version of me
Track Name: I Won't Wait
Sentiment can't quite come through a screen,
What does it mean when we need pictures to convey what we say,
I will rue the day when everything seemed to turn out right
Baby I could put up a fight, but then I'd know all these same things, they still remain

And I'm not in the mood to be spat and chewed like a fool
Happened too many times, now I'm sick and tired of waiting
I will say to your face
I wont wait x3

Know that all you feel could be true - baby it could happen to you,
or a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, yeah,
I know there's something, don't know there's something, right?
I could put up a fight, but now I know all these same things, still remain yeah..

and I know there's something, yeah I know there's something now..
Track Name: Pick Me Up In Purgatory
Emperor needs a new set of clothes,
I'd rather be naked ashamed and the laughing stock of the town
Than to let you down as you did me,
I made up my bed in a pothole,
Come find me in the middle of the road
You'll never give me answers,
But I took a few suggestions

Be the sweetest story, picture the taste
Pick me up in purgatory, I'm waiting at the gates x2

How do I make it clear, how do I undermine my own fear
Don't mind winding up in hell as long as I've got a product to sell
This institution will turn off my brain,
Misattribution crash landed the plane
I know the truth is waiting, but I'm all done anticipating
Track Name: Bringing Back Summer
Darling, you used to make my heart sing
Now you're pulling on my heartstrings so hard they're out of tune,
And darling, I thought spirits lived in our wings
Nesting all the loving embraces and troubles you're facing with optimism so blind

I wanna bring you back to summer
I wanna wind back the clock
I know that everything seems like a bummer
But paradise starts at the dock

Parting, such sweet sorrow
Never knew what we were charting -
The courses and mapping out hot and cold gifts
Like it was Christmas, Christmas in June

Pretty sure that it will get resolved,
The case was wide open for the second time
But it's too re-solve yeah everything's cool, I am no fool,
Just got lost in the wrong messed, cleaned up the process

Darling, haven't felt worse since we were starting
The road through the mountain, through the mountain into the decline
And parting, such sweet sorrow,
never knew what I was guarding -
A heart in a cage would have never left that stage
If ya didn't unlock and unwind it -
Track Name: Won't Ya Please
Place your bets, take what's left
Buy a round on the way home,
Stumble walk away without a single thing to say
I pray for your loss

Felt the curse, tasted poison,
Arsenic on your breath
If you feel what we had was real,
Can ya save me tonight?

And won't ya please send a package to me?
cuz the fact is you'll see, all the aspects of the
Master plan ya got it in for us all,
So let's have a ball and go run for our lives

And I know I taken it for granted,
and I know that I left you ashamed
But it's part of my survival, I feast on flesh that's reclaimed
I reap and we sow wherever we go
We reap and we sow wherever we go
And sometimes I feel like there's no point all

Feel the weight, crushing fate,
Dooming you from the start
If you go I feel I really aught to know,
When it is that you depart

And now sometimes, I'll admit at the wrong times,
I feel a kind of connection,
Up in my bloodstream, as it interrupts the dream,
And I deal with how ya feel about a rejection,
about a rejection, oh no, about a rejection

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